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[Gwangju Pre-Wedding]: Nigel and Serena

April 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

"In your eyes, I'm alive
Inside you're beautiful
Something so unusual in your eyes
I know I'm home"

-For You (Liam Payne & Rita Ora)

Nigel and Serena were visiting Korea from Hong Kong in the early autumn of last year. She wanted to have her pre-wedding photographs taken while they were on their trip and had her heart set on Jeju Island. However, due to the fact that it was the long Thanksgiving holiday it would have been nearly impossible to get the team over there because of a lack of tickets. So I convinced her and Nigel to come and meet me in my beautiful province of Jeollnamdo and we set to work on planning a half day shoot.

Because of the festivities a lot of our original plans would not work out, but luckily there are so many beautiful locations for us to choose from down here that I knew we would still get wonderful images for them.

The morning of the shoot we woke up and it was pouring with rain (so prepare for A LOT of moody, black and whites) but Nigel and Serena were so content with being on vacation from their strenuous jobs that they didn't care. "I'm just so happy to be on holiday. We'll just plan as we go."

We met up at the makeup studio and the stylists got to work on Serena's hair and makeup. This gave me some time to warm up and take some casual photos of the getting ready process.

We then set off to Damyang to shoot in the beautiful coffee shop, "Supply Coffee". We hoped the rain would die out later in the afternoon and decided to start off under cover with some good coffee.

Next, Serena really wanted to take photos in the bamboo forest and the rain brought in a beautiful mist gave the city a very romantic feel, so off we went. We came across a beautiful patch of light inside the forest and setup for some photos. 

It was then time to get warm and dry so as we made our way out of the forest, we found a little shop with a balcony over-looking the city. We decided to stop and take in the view. The small city was really looking so beautiful and peaceful, we couldn't help ourselves!

On our way back to the car I decided to send them down to cross the river and snapped away (and laughed a little too) as they made their way over. By this time we were all wet and cold b the mix of mist, rain and umbrellas had a romantic appeal that I couldn't resist... Sorry Serena!

During the drive back to Gwangju we decided the final stop would be to warm up with some tea at a quaint little spot near the trendy area of Dongmyeong-dong.

I was sincerely sad to say goodbye to this couple. They were some of the happiest people I had ever met. Nothing worked out as planned, they were forced to be out in the wet and cold all day, but they never once stopped smiling and they literally were happy to be getting cold. It was such a special experience to be around energy such as theirs. Definitely one that I will always remember.

Thank you Nigel and Serena! I hope to meet up with you someday in Hong Kong!




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