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[Gwangju Lifestyle Couple Session]: Stephen and Lindsay

February 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

 "Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."

Alexander Smith

It dawned on me the other day that I have been Instagramming it up but my blog has been collecting dust for some time now. I often get so excited about sharing new images right away that I gravitate more towards Instagram rather than sitting down and curating a set of images and writing about them. I also believe I am not so strong in the writing department but 2018 is the year for reading more and blogging more! I meet so many lovely people and their stories surely deserve some sharing! So here goes...

The first session of last autumn was Stephen and Lindsay. I actually met the couple while shooting head-shots for the Vagina Monologues earlier in the year and they mentioned they wanted to have some photos done as a keepsake of their time in Korea. If memory serves me correctly they plan on moving on within the next year or two but they wanted to have a tangible memory of the place they called home for a significant time.

I took them to a park near my home for their session as it has everything they were looking for: some pretty natural scenes as well as slight Korean touches. Mother Nature also presented some of her finest afternoon light for us to play around in and Stephen brought his charm and made my job as easy as can be: making Lindsay laugh at the perfect moments!

We started off by the little stream and the Korean pagoda where some older folks were entertaining us with loud gas releases...

And then we started chasing the sun around the park as it was going down fast...

And then it was time for some refreshments in the park coffee shop :)

Stephen was really enjoying the sunset and all the colors that I decided we need to run up the tower quick to get a last shot of them against the beautiful sky...

Starting off the fall season with these two and the perfect weather was wonderful! We had so many good laughs and I enjoyed their conversation and company so much! Thank you Stephen and Lindsay for spending the afternoon with me! May your next chapter be as beautiful as the memories we created this day!


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