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Gwangju Traditional Korean Wedding: Pete and Sanha

June 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

"Now at last they were beginning chapter one

of the great story no one on earth has 

ever read which goes on forever:

In which every chapter is better than before"


On a beautiful spring day Pete and Sanha hosted their close friends and family at one of my favorite traditional venues in Gwangju. Byeongchonsa Hanok in the heart of Gwangju, is a lovely and quiet traditional setting perfect for an intimate wedding with room for some personal decorative touches. I was warmly welcomed by Sanha and her brother who were busy with some last minute arrangements and so I decided to get into the swing of things and start with some detail photographs and document the guests arriving as to leave them to finish off peacefully.

Sanha then came over to let me know it was time for the bride and groom to get ready in their traditional wedding attire.



The getting ready is one of my favorite parts to a traditional Korean wedding. The architecture combined with the hanboks are still so beautiful to me!!

Once Pete and Sanha were ready it was time to head out and show off his pretty bride to family and friends.

And finally, it was time for the ceremony to begin! Sanha was put into a carriage to be carried to the ceremony spot and the traditional samulnori prepared to entertain the guests.

It was then time for the candle lighting ceremony. This tradition symbolises the uniting of two lives and two families into one. It also symbolises each mother's blessing on the new marriage.

Then it was Pete's turn to enter and gift the wooden duck to his new mother-in-law as a sign of his faithfulness to her daughter. 

And finally, Sanha made her grand entrance complete with Pete calling out to her to come and be his bride!

The ceremony was a wonderful harmony between Korean traditions and modern touches and after a quick wardrobe change Pete and Sanha were the epitome of exactly that! I took them to a quiet corner away from the chaos and let them enjoy a few moments with just each other. Their expressions were priceless!


Pete and Sanha, thank you so much for inviting me into your wedding to document this special event in your life! I appreciate your warmth and kindness throughout the entire process so much! I wish you a lifetime of love and friendship with each other and I hope our paths can cross again soon!




Doreen and Nigel(non-registered)
So very colourful with fascinating traditions. Lovely to see the beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.
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