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Seoul Lifestyle Photographer: Baby Claudia

June 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"You cannot buy happiness, happiness is born."

I love home lifestyle sessions! There's a feeling of real-life and sincere emotions that people allow you to see when they welcome you into their home, that quite honestly a studio-session breaks. It's not always possible in Korea for a variety of reasons: lighting, lack of space, etc but when circumstances allow, I will always choose to use the home instead of a studio! So, when Helen contacted me to document her newest addition to the family I was thrilled that we could use her home!

On a hot spring day I got on the train to Seoul and made my way to the Slaters' beautiful apartment. Little Claudia was not exactly excited that I have come to shove a camera in her face and so she took some time to get used to me. However, while mom was soothing her I got to document some details in her lovely room.

Claudia finally drifted off to sleep and allowed me to take some pictures of her. I had to stop myself from just staring at her. She looked so peaceful. So beautiful. She also had these sporadic moments where she would wake up and flash a cute little smile and then drift back to sleep. Too cute for her own good this little one!

The Slaters also had some friends visiting from abroad. So while they were getting ready for some family portraits, I had some fun...

And then is was time for their new family portraits.

Just as we were wrapping up the two besties asked if they too could have their own pictures, and suddenly the Starwars gear appeared and the bedroom suddenly changed into a galaxy far, far away.

Many thanks to the Slaters for welcoming me so warmly into their home! It was a pleasure working with your lovely family and I hope our paths cross someday again!





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