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Spring Portraits: A day with Gwen

April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"A woman's youth and beauty is the world's most powerful weapon."

I met Gwen a couple of years ago here in Gwangju, she had come to South Korea to teach English and travel. We developed a great friendship over the years she spent in Gwangju. She has since left to explore other places but I was thrilled when she sent me a message to enquire about a portrait session. She wanted to have photographs made of herself now, to celebrate her youth. She wants something for her family to cherish someday. And I was like, "YES!".

I often tell (maybe sometimes even scold) people how important it is for us to be photographed. One day your children will look for photographs of you, and what will they have? As one of the most photographed generations of time, it is important because someday that will be one of the few things left to show your legacy. It's a gift that you leave to your children and your grandchildren for them to enjoy. You must celebrate your life. Your youth. Your beauty. You deserve to be seen.

I believe it is our job as photographers to make people feel beautiful. To make them see that they have a unique trait that makes them so stunning and that there is no comparison that could be made to anybody else. Everybody needs to feel this and needs to be told this.

Gwen travelled down to Gwangju and we hoped to make the best of the pretty bursts of color that spring has brought to South Korea. We first decided to do some classic pictures in my home studio and then we moved outside to find some beautiful shrubbery. Gwen is a radiant, free-spirited ball of happiness wherever she goes and no matter what personal struggles she experiences. She lifts spirits, brings smiles with her awesome laugh and is an all round wonderful person to be around. This experience with her left me in awe. I came to the realisation that this is how life should be lived. I only hope that these pictures can relay to her children someday of how phenomenal the person is in the picture that they are staring at...

 Gwen, thank you for coming down to Gwangju and for choosing me to document your beauty! It was an experience that I will never forget! Always stay happy my friend...



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