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Gwangju Lifestyle Engagement: Brian & Herlien

March 20, 2016  •  4 Comments


I met Herlien through mutual friends about eight years ago at university. She was always quiet and a bit reserved but such a happy person to be around! Years later she also braved moving abroad to come and teach in Korea. Lucky for Brian because it was here where he met the love of his life.

I met the couple at a trendy café in Gwangju on a spring afternoon. Herlien said she loves Korean coffee shops and Brian tags along with her over weekends. While we were catching up, I asked them to tell me the story of how they met. With giant smiles and fits of laughter they told me the start of their journey together.

Their story starts out like most. Boy meets girl in a bar, boy likes said girl... As Herlien puts it, "He Facebook stalked me for a while and then sent me a message to ask me out on a date." She insisted that he call her and ask her out properly, after which he sent her a text. Haha, men... 

They actually wanted their pet cat to be apart of the photos but it wasn't really possible, so this kitty mirror had to do...

 Herlien mentioned Brian loves to be outdoors. So naturally we went to one of my favorite parks to take advantage of the beautiful sunset light spring presented us with that day.

Then it was time to get a little more romantic... 

Brian and Herlien, thank you so much for coming to Gwangju and allowing me to be apart of this beautiful time of your lives! It was such a fun afternoon with a lot of love and giggles! All the best for the last few months in Korea and then the big day in beautiful South Africa!

Much love

Lorryn xoxo


Lorryn, I really like how you captured the details in the leaves, the trees and blooms. They definitely help to tell the story of the day and I wish I was observant enough during at times hectic sessions to take the moment and capture non-human elements of the scene. Great photography and post processing!
Greg Samborski(non-registered)
Wow Lorryn these are fantastic! You found and captured so many great details that help carry the natural vibe of this session. It's cool seeing how much your work has evolved in such a short time.
Alta Vermooten (mom)(non-registered)
Lorryn this is beautiful foto's!! We can see them how they are, all natural and beautiful and its only a good photographer that can make that happen!!!
Herlien Vermooten(non-registered)
WOW~ Thanks so much Lorryn! The pictures came out better than i could have ever dreamed about! Thanks for your time and patience. You are truly the best x
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