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Gwangju Pre-Wedding: a Singapore lovestory

January 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

Ling and Janelle are two eager travellers at heart. For this reason, they decided to have their pre-wedding pictures taken in another country while travelling. In search of a photographer, Janelle came across my Instagram feed and when I received her email I was immediately drawn to her fun loving personality and I fell in love with her vision for her pre-wedding photographs. We decided they would come to Gwangju for the shoot as she wanted a little more natural setting in contrast to the big high risers of Singapore and hopefully we would be able to have some fun in the snow.

In the meantime sneaky Ling had also been emailing me to plan his grand proposal to his beautiful bride-to-be during the shoot. Finally, after months of emailing back and forth, December rolled around and although there was no snow as we had hoped, it was a beautiful day!

Our first location was a little spot in Mudeung Mountain. Poor Ling and Janelle had hot packs stuck to the inside of their clothes but they put on their brave faces and endured the icy winds. All for a good cause!

We then headed to a traditional temple to incorporate some Korean architecture however on the way there, I spotted a newly built hanok complex at the entrance of the park and we decided to go there in there instead.

After hours of being in the cold it was finally time to go indoors to one of my favorite places to shoot. I have taken several people there now and never do I leave without amazing images, and this time was no different.

The light absolutely magical and it was the perfect setting for Ling to propose...

Lastly it was time for them to get comfortable and just relax. After a long day and the excitement of the proposal, I wanted them just to enjoy each other's company on a cozy couch and of course gush over the ring!

Ling and Janelle, I cannot say thank you enough! Thank you for enduring the cold for so many hours, for your kindness throughout the day, for choosing me to document this wonderful event and of course the delectable treats from Singapore! Have fun with the planning of your beautiful wedding and I hope to see you again soon!!

Much Love



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