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My sister: The horse whisperer [Personal post]

December 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently took a quick trip to South Africa to visit my family for a couple of days. Although I love life in South Korea, I do wish the distance between my family and I was a bit shorter. My siblings are growing up at the speed of light and it's tough missing out on their childhood. My sister especially, is now entering her teenage years and has been blessed to have found her passion at a very early age: horses.

Since she was a very young child she loved horses and went horse riding for fun at one of the local farms near our home. As time passed she developed a deep love for the sport and took her lessons seriously. Her trainer said that she "was a natural" and well, as they say the rest is history.

I wanted to document this very special thing in her life for her to keep and look back on in years to come. So on a summer afternoon we went out to the barn and I followed her doing her thing.

Going into it, I knew that the experience was going to be special to me. Every shoot is. However, I didn't expect just how overwhelming the sentiment would be. As I watched her, I saw myself. I saw that when she was with these two beautiful creatures she was at peace. With every stroke of the brush on the horse's back the outside world became more and more distant. I watched her face. Her eyes were filled with love and happiness. Her mouth, it boasted a beautiful, content smile. 

You always wish the best for your loved ones, but we can't really do anything about their inner happiness. It has to come from them. Seeing the joy on her face left me feeling joyous too. She has it! She has found her passion! I identified with how she was feeling because when I pick up my camera, I feel it too. The fulfilment, the accomplishment, the tranquility, the delight. It was an overwhelming connection to make with her. Perfection.

Her female horse loves to rub her head against Megan. Today she was so relaxed after her groom that she fell asleep while rubbing her head. So sweet...

Seeing this little girl grow up into this incredible human makes me immensely proud. I'm so excited for her to explore her capabilities and for her to accomplish goal after goal. There is no better feeling in life! 



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