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Hyungkwon and Dawoon [Gwangju, South Korea Wedding Photographer]

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A good friend of mine and I were out one night having dinner and he mentioned that his friend was getting married that same weekend. The ceremony was taking place at 라페스타, a wedding hall we frequently work at, and so I checked the schedule for that weekend. As luck would have it, they were our clients which made this particular wedding extra special...

On arrival at Hyungkwon and Dawoon's wedding we were greeted by a very friendly albeit nervous groom. Usually the grooms pay little attention to me let alone greet me in such a warm manner. What a great start to the day! Shortly after Dawoon floated by in a beautiful gown and flashed a shy smile my way. My heart melted and I knew this was going to be a special day.

We proceeded in the routine manner we always handle weddings. Portraits of the bride, the couple, groom's parents, bride's parents and then a very swaggy man and his entourage walked into the room. Judging by the reaction of the youngsters I assumed this group was famous. Sweet! An awesome couple AND a Kpop star? This day couldn't get any better.

Oh but it did! The ceremony was beautiful, there was a sea of emotion from friends and family and to end it all a father breaking down into tears (a rare sight in a Korean wedding).

Congratualtions Hyungkwon and Dawoon! It was an honour being part of your beautiful day!


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